About us

The less time we have to avert run-away climate catastrophe, the more fossil advertising. It is pervading our streets, our social media timelines and our news outlets. It is holding back climate action. That’s why we need new laws to stop advertising by the fossil industry. Just like we did with the tobacco industry.

Fossil ads for air travel, cruises and polluting cars are driving fossil fuel consumption and emissions. Ads by the fossil fuel industry mislead about the main culprit of the climate crisis, and they promote fake solutions, like fossil gas and offsetting. Fossil ads are pervasive in high income countries, yet the climate consequences of these ads weigh most heavily on those countries who contributed less to climate disruption.

A young and fast-growing movement identifies fossil ads as an important obstacle to stop the climate crisis. Advertising for air travel, cruises and polluting cars raises emissions and promotes a carbon intensive lifestyle. Advertising for the fossil fuel industry promotes a highly polluting sector, which aids their lobby efforts to be a trusted partner of governments.

We are dedicated to stop fossil ads and sponsorships. Some of us plea for a tobacco-like law that bans advertising by the fossil fuel industry and advertising for air travel, cruises and polluting cars. Others are fighting fossil ads in court or are convincing ad agencies to drop fossil fuel clients. And others have been campaigning for years to ban fossil sponsors from culture and sports.

This website is a comprehensive overview of active groups, ongoing campaigns and implemented fossil ad bans. We aim to inspire and inform in order to strengthen our worldwide movement. You will find best practices, latest science reports and toolkits to ban fossil ads. This website is developed by Reclame Fossielvrij (Fossil Free Advertising) who campaigned for the first municipal ad ban in Amsterdam.

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