How does the advertising industry take full responsibility for its climate impact?.

The more adverts we see, the more stuff we buy, the more stuff gets made and more emissions are generated. Everything has an associated carbon footprint.

Purpose Disruptors and econometrics agency Magic Numbers introduced a new metric to measure this effect - ‘Advertised Emissions’. Our latest report calculates in 2022, the industry will be responsible for 208 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Advertised Emissions provides a framework so the industry, as architects of demand, can transition from promoting high-carbon brands to low-carbon alternatives, and accelerate societal shift towards a sustainable future.

Our innovative approach is recognised globally. The concept was adopted as leadership practice by the UNFCCC Race to Zero campaign.


2022 report findings

  • Advertised Emissions have risen by 11% from 2019 to 2022 to 208 millions tonnes of CO2e.
  • Advertising has responsibility for 32% of the carbon footprint of every single person in the country.
  • Through analysis of the data, the best option to achieve the reduction is to reduce ad spend on the highest carbon products in the most carbonintensive categories (eg. fossil fuels, transport such as automotive and flying as well as red meat).