Who: Municipality of Amsterdam, the Netherlands


  • Motion to request advertising operators to stop fossil ads
  • Motion requests national government to stop fossil ads
  • A covenant with subway advertising operator to stop ads for fossil fuels, fossil fueled cars and cheap ticket airlines

When: Motion adopted in 2020 - first step in May 2021 - still going on

Amsterdam is the first city in the world that wants to ban advertising from the fossil fuel industry and ads for air travel from the city. The municipality is taking this step after a letter from 51 local organisations coordinated by citizens’ initiative Reclame Fossielvrij (Fossil Free Advertising). The Green party (GroenLinks), Socialist Party (SP) and the party DENK initiatied the motion in the municipal council, where it got additional support from the Labour party (PvdA) and the Animal party (PvdD).

The first concrete step of Amsterdam to comply with the motion was taken in the Amsterdam subway stations. The advertising operator decided to ban ads that promoted fossil fuels and low cost air travel.

The news about Amsterdam banning fossil ads travelled around the world. It was covered from Vietnam to Canada. Many cities and campaign groups were inspired to do the same.

  • Text of the motion (december 2020) (in Dutch)
  • Text of the letter (april 2020) urging the elderman to ban fossil ads (in Dutch)


Reaction of the board

The board reacted with a letter stating that they would ban fossil ads in new contracts and lobby towards the Dutch national government for a fossil ad ban. Read the whole letter here (in Dutch).