Well-known Dutch actors and directors are calling on movie houses to stop showing fossil advertisements before movies. The campaign was launched by Carice van Houten, Anniek Pheifer, Katja Herbers, Ramsey Nasr, Sieger Sloot and Waldemar Torenstra together with Reclame Fossielvrij (Fossil Free Advertising) in April 2024. They argue that fossil advertising makes the climate crisis worse. Several directors, screenwriters, producers and film houses LAB111, Kriterion, Studio K and de Uitkijk are also already joining the call.

“Advertisements for cars, air travel and the fossil industry tempt visitors to consume more oil and gas. Also, fossil advertisements mislead about the cause, damage and urgency of the climate crisis,” the actors, filmmakers and film lovers write in a petition to the movie houses. “Let the curtain fall on fossil advertisements!”


Launch in June 2024: petition and film screening 'Merchants of Doubt'

A film screening of 'Merchants of Doubt' followed by a panel discussion with amongst others a Dutch actor and an Amsterdam council member was held on the 12th of June 2024. The campaign ad to call film theathers to ban fossil ads was also premiered on this event, featuring Dutch actors Abdulaal and Anniek. Futher screenings will follow. The petition to call upon film theaters to stop showing fossil ads can be signed here.


First campaign in the world targeting movie houses

This call is part of a trend: more and more municipalities and cultural institutions around the world are banning fossil advertising and fossil sponsorships. But this is the first call for movie houses to ban fossil advertisements. Fossil Free Advertising launched this campaign because it receives signals from several movie houses: movie houses and their visitors complain about the fossil advertisements of, for example, Shell, Range Rover and air travel prior to their films.


Advertising packages without fossil advertising

Movie houses usually do not decide what kind of advertisements are shown prior to the films. That is determined by Jean Mineur Mediavision, the largest Dutch cinema advertising operator. Actors, filmmakers, movie houses and film lovers are calling on Jean Mineur Mediavision to ban fossil advertisements from movie house advertising packages. They are calling on all Dutch film houses to unite behind this call.


Sieger Sloot: “Real hope lies in a world without fossil”

“We actors urge all film theaters to stop showing fossil advertisements. These advertisements mislead the public, normalize extreme CO2 emissions and promote products that are very harmful to the planet and our health. We can bring beautiful stories and hopeful worlds to life with our films against the odds, but the real hope is in a world without fossil fuels and waste. Stop fossil advertising!” said actor Sieger Sloot.


Movie house LAB111: “Movie houses, join our call”

“Movies can bring a hopeful world to life like no other. It is time we all spoke out about fossil advertisements; they must stop. The message of fossil advertising is harmful to our health and drives up use of fossil fuels - when the world needs to focus on less fossil fuels. We express the urgent hope that other film houses will also join our call,” said Tobias de Jong LAB111, film house in Amsterdam.


Fossil Free Advertising: “A plot twist is needed: free movie houses from fossil commercials”

“The plot twist that movie houses need: a liberation from fossil advertisements. When movie houses stop fossil advertisements, it directly reduces fossil fuel emissions. It helps reduce air pollution and the climate crisis,” said Martine Doppen, campaigner of Fossil Free Advertising.