The City Libraries of Cork, Ireland, will stop hosting the Texaco Children's Art Exhibition starting from 2024 if the event is still sponsored by a fossil fuel company. This was made public in October 2023, after environmental campaigner Tom Roche from Just Forests wrote a letter and had a meeting with the city librarian over the topic. 'It is an example of what can be achieved when sides come together to hear each other's voices and respect each other's positions', Mr Roche said.



Mr Roche's letter stated: 'Just as tobacco companies knew for years that smoking caused lung cancer, fossil fuel companies like Texaco have known for decades that their practices are causing climate change, biological decline and human rights abuses. I am calling on you to refuse to host the current Texaco Children’s Art Exhibition on human rights grounds and refuse to host any further fossil fuel-sponsored exhibitions.'


New sponsor

The exhibition will continue in October and November 2023, to ensure fairness to the young artists who will have their work on display. Mr O'Brien, the city librarian of Cork, said that susntaiability is a core value of Cork City Libraries. 'We felt Tom's arguments were compelling, so next year we won't host it if sponsored by a fossil fuel company.'

Mr Roche said that there is now a great chance for a new sponsor to get involved in the coming years.