A coalition of over forty European non-profit organisations and grassroots groups together launched the European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) to Ban Fossil Ads and Sponsorship, an official European petition. The aim was to legally prevent the fossil fuel industry, and vehicle, airline and maritime companies using fossil fuels, from advertising and sponsoring in the EU.

One year, 1 million signatures

Between the 4th of October 2021 and the 4th of October 2022, the goal was to gather one million signatures to get a fossil ad and sponsorship ban on the European Council agenda. Hundreds of actions took place, from disrupting conferences, to gathering signatures on the streets, from internationally coordinated subvertising actions to online campaigns. The goal was not met, however 353.103 European citizens signed the call for a European ban. This huge level of support is inspiring the coalition to take new and bolder steps in this ongoing campaign, which are currently being planned. 

‘This ban on fossil fuel propaganda will happen, the only question is when.’

Read the directive here.