In the new 2023-2027 agreement with the RTBF, a Belgian public TV & radio broadcaster, advertising for fossil fuel ads are banned. Greenpeace Belgium was invited for a hearing in the Wallonian-Brussels parliament in May 2022, defending the idea that public broadcasters shouldn't be able to advertise fossil fuels in times of climate crisis. RTBF is the first public broadcaster that bans fossil fuel advertising.


From the agreement with RTBF: 

In addition to the rules of the decree on audiovisual media services, RTBF may not broadcast commercial communications for:

  • medicines on medical prescription;
  • the substances referred to in the Royal Decree of 6 May 1922 on the sale of disinfectants and antiseptics, and the Royal Decree of 31 December 1930 on the trade in sleeping pills and narcotics, in application of the Law of 24 February 1921;
  • fossil fuels;
  • alcoholic beverages containing more than 20 degrees of alcohol;
  • toy weapons or toys that could incite violent, racist or xenophobic behaviour;