Fossil Free South Africa

Fossil Free South Africa is the country's leading non-profit calling for the total divestment of investments from the fossil fuel industry. Led by David Le Page, the organisation has successfully pressured the University of Cape Town to divest and is currently engaging with other leading South African universities to do the same.

Fossil Free South Africa is the host organisation for the Clean Creatives South Africa campaign, and a campaign to pressure the city of Cape Town to be the first city on the African continent to implement a fossil fuel advertising ban.  Other projects include supporting the media to better cover the climate emergency and campaigning for fossil free investment portfolios at South Africa's leading financial institutions.

Clean Creatives South Africa

Clean Creatives SA is the South African branch of the Clean Creatives campaign. Clean Creatives SA brings together leading agencies, their employees, and clients to address the ad and PR industry’s work with fossil fuels. Visit the Clean Creatives SA website here.

City of Cape Town Fossil Ad Ban

Fossil Free SA is the proud host of a new campaign tackling the fossil fuel industry, Fossil Ad Ban Cape Town. The campaign draws inspiration from similar campaigns that have been initiated in the Netherland and Australia, and from France, which has already instituted a national ban on certain forms of fossil fuel advertising.

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