In the Italian media, the climate crisis continues to have little visibility, while the advertisements of polluting companies responsible for global warming are increasing, thus exerting a dangerous influence on the world of information. That's why Greenpeace Italy initiated the 'Free Press for the Climate' coalition in March 2023: a network of newspapers and magazines that address the climate crisis in a broad and honest way, against the proliferation of greenwashing.


To join the coalition, five criteria a must be met:

  1. Media coverage: devote maximum attention to the climate crisis, giving it the space it deserves as an emergency to which an urgent response is needed.
  2. Cause and responsibility: mention fossil fuels in at least half of the articles or reports discussing the causes of the climate crisis, without omitting the serious responsibilities of the oil and gas industry.
  3. Voice of polluting corporations: reduce the space given to polluting corporations in the media discourse on the climate crisis, whose space should not exceed that of the experts. No more space should be given to global warming deniers.
  4. Transparency: make any funding from fossil fuel companies publicly available.
  5. Funding: make a public commitment, at a time and in a manner determined by the newspaper, to phase out or eliminate all forms of funding from the fossil fuel industry, including advertisements.


To join the coalition and take the pledge, contact

Media that joined are:

(The list keeps growing! Check latest update here)