Dutch doctors, nurses, medical students, other health professionals and their organisations are calling for a ban on fossil advertising. "A ban on fossil ads is an urgent preventive health measure, just like the ban on tobacco advertising." They call on the national government and local councils to ban fossil ads, in the name of health.



Healthcare professionals: “Ban on fossil advertising is a matter of common sense”

Doctors, nurses, medical students and other healthcare professionals today took action in The Hague for a special preventive health measure: a ban on fossil advertising. “A matter of common sense.”

The action is the start of the campaign 'Who owns the air?' with which healthcare professionals call for a legal ban on fossil advertising. During the action, health care workers symbolically resuscitated the earth. An artist made a large work of art on the spot to show the damage of air pollution on the lungs. With this, the healthcare providers emphasize that fossil fuel air pollution is a silent killer : invisible, but just like smoking, it damages the lungs, heart and brain. The healthcare providers are already supported by 28 healthcare organizations and prominent figures.


Take care to ban tobacco advertising

According to health care providers, a ban on fossil advertising is a much-needed preventive health measure that must be implemented quickly. “In the consulting rooms, doctors see the consequences of climate disruption and air pollution,” said medical student Anjali Wijnhoven during the event. “It makes people sick. The concern was at the cradle of the ban on tobacco advertising. Fossil fuels cause an acute health problem and deserve the same treatment as the tobacco industry. A ban on greenwashing and advertising that promotes harmful SUVs and air and cruise travel and keeps it normal is a matter of common sense.”


Fuller waiting rooms

Healthcare professionals don't often take to the streets. Despite their busy work schedules, healthcare providers find it important to campaign for a ban on fossil fuel advertising. “We have sworn an oath to stand up for people's health,” said Sophie Dünkelberg (general practitioner). “The consequences of climate disruption and air pollution for health are already significant. This affects us directly in our professional practice. The less healthy our living environment, the more crowded our waiting rooms. The most vulnerable will be hit first and hardest.”



Healthcare providers in Canada and Australia are also campaigning for a 'tobacco law' for the fossil industry. Worldwide, the number of local governments that – in anticipation of a national law – is growing to ban fossil fuel advertising. There is prominent support from scientists for a ban on fossil advertising: the IPCC , UNEP and TNO , among others, cite a ban on fossil advertising in order to achieve the emission targets and prevent deception.


Care and climate

Attention to the climate is growing within healthcare in the Netherlands. Networks and alliances of 'green healthcare professionals' emphasize 'planetary health'; that our health is linked to the well-being of our natural environment and that of other living beings. The World Health Organization (WHO) calls climate change the greatest threat to our health. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) is also calling for more attention and research into 'planetary health'.

The care providers of Van Wie is de Lucht work together with the Advertising Fossil Free campaign group , which campaigns in the Netherlands and Europe for a ban on fossil advertising.

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