The Lancy Town Council (Switzerland) accepted a proposal to remove commercial advertising from public spaces on 18th of January, 2024.

The majority of municipal councillors accepted a draft resolution tabled by the Socialist Party. A regulation banning commercial advertising visible from the public domain will have to be drawn up by the Administrative Council. Approximately 290 billboards of various formats will be removed. All ads relating to official information and non-commercial associations will be maintained.

The town of Lancy joins some 1,300 municipalities around the world, including Grenoble (France) and Sao Paulo (Brazil), and more recently Vernier (Geneva), according to the Socialist Party of Lancy in a press release. "Through this measure, which costs very little in terms of the municipal budget, Lancy is greatly improving the quality of life of its residents, and is showing itself to be innovative and at the forefront of urban planning and mobility measures in Switzerland". Lancy's annual income from the operation of the advertising billboards was around CHF 80,000.

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