On 24 May 2021, the Social Tipping Point Coalition wrote a letter to informateur Hamer. Their message: the new cabinet should initiate 'social tipping points' by making a Social Tipping Point Strategy part of integral climate policy.


Dear Ms Hamer,

You face an unprecedented task of putting together a cabinet to tackle both the corona and climate crises, as you yourself write. In this letter, we present a new, effective solution to the climate crisis.

Titanic had 1 minute to avert disaster
The Institute for Climate Impact in Potsdam compares climate change to the Titanic disaster. The captain had one minute left to avert disaster. After that minute, everything he tried was in vain, because - no matter how hard he hung on the rudder - the ship would not turn in time. It is the same with climate change. We can still steer now, but if we hesitate too long or make the wrong choices, we will lose control and it will no longer be possible to contain climate change.

Social tipping points as a lifeline
The climate scientists at the Potsdam Institute say, "The best, if not only, chance of staying ahead of ever-faster climate change is by betting on ever-faster changes in society." Because just as physical tipping points in the climate system, such as the melting of the ice caps, cause ever-faster warming, social tipping points accelerate the solution.


Find the full letter here (in Dutch).

Find the appendix to this letter, including figures and graphs, here (in Dutch).