Reclame Fossielvrij (Fossil Free Advertising) is a small and energetic campaign group with a big purpose. Inspired by the ban on tobacco advertising and sponsorships, they started the world’s first campaign aimed at a national law that bans all advertisements and sponsorships of the fossil fuel industry and for air travel and cars on fossil fuels. 

With this campaign they aim to contribute to a social tipping point; a new normal in which fossil fuels and the fossil fuel industry are seen as unethical and harmful, not only by society but also by politicians. Reclame Fossielvrij strongly believes it’s not a question if the ban on fossil ads will be implemented, but when.

To achieve this ambitious goal, they use a strategy by creating “frontrunners” (such as a newspaper and local municipalities) to set an example for others by banning fossil ads and to create an international domino effect. Another part of their strategy is that they use legal actions with a focus on deceptive advertising. They also take political action through lobbying local and national parties.

As a result of their campaign, the city of Amsterdam  -  as the first city in the world - declared to ban fossil ads. This has created a lot of media attention and a giant spin-off, both in the Netherlands and abroad. More cities in the Netherlands and abroad declared that they want to ban fossil ads. More campaigns started to ban fossil ads.


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