Résistance à l'Agression Publicitaire (RAP) has been campaigning against the advertising system since 1992. Their approach is to respond to social, economic and environmental issues by acting for freedom of reception and advertising sobriety. RAP is acting through 5 different types of activities, namely campaigns, awareness raising, non-violent actions, advocacy and monitoring, and critical analysis of the ad industry. RAP operates both on a national level, and in about 15 local groups all over France.



RAP has an elaborate manifesto with clear demands, ranging from a ban on ads that are harmful to the environment and public health and a ban on digital advertising screens, to informed consent and the right to refuse advertising for internet users. School and youth areas need to be extra protected against public space advertising and the arts, culture, sports and media need to operate independently, without a too large role for sponsors. More on RAP’s demands here (in French).

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