Influential publisher Vox Media (USA) has been refusing fossil fuel advertisements for two years. Vox Media announced this on 5 January 2023. With titles such as Vox, The Verge, New York Magazine, The Dodo, Now This and The Cut, Vox Media has a global reach of 95 million people. This makes it the largest media organisation to avert fossil advertising.

Since early 2021, Vox Media has refused to take money from the fossil industry to distribute their messages. The publisher announced this last week. Vox Media wants to work only with companies that care as much about the climate as they do. Earlier, British newspaper The Guardian and two Swedish newspapers took similar steps.

In a statement, chief revenue officer Ryan Pauley writes how Vox Media wants to have climate impact. Firstly, with good and reliable climate journalism. But also - precisely because they know how effective ads are in their titles - by consciously choosing which ad partners to work with and what messages to convey. "In early 2021, Vox Media decided to stop accepting ad dollars from the fossil industry or other companies that extract non-renewable resources from the earth, including natural gas companies." Fossil industry lobby groups are also refused by Vox Media.